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Unfair Accusations: Ga Dangbe Kingdom Responds to Professor’s Remarks


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In a swift and unequivocal response to recent remarks made by Professor Audrey Gadzekpo, a native of the Volta Region, regarding the Ga Dangbe kingdom, Dr. Henry Addo, representing the Ga Dangbe kingdom, expressed deep disappointment and condemnation at her.
Professor Audrey Gadzekpo’s comments, deemed as an attack on the Ga Dangbe kingdom, have stirred emotions within the community.
Dr. Addo highlighted the historical and cultural ties shared between the Ga and the prople of Volta Region, emphasizing the unacceptability of such divisive statements from within their own ranks.
The focus of the controversy lies in Professor Gadzekpo’s remarks concerning LGBTQ+ practices within the Greater Accra Region.
Dr. Addo, in his statement, clarified that such practices have had minimal presence and attention within their society and were previously disregarded. He underscored the societal disapproval of such behaviours, which were often met with ridicule or shame.
The statement, delivered on behalf of the entire Ga Dangbe Kingdom, described Professor Gadzekpo’s comments as unfair and divisive.
“We see her comments as derogatory towards us, the Ga Dangbe,” he stated.
The focus of the controversy is Professor Audrey Gadzekpo’s comments regarding the LGBTQ+ community within the Greater Accra Region.
He emphasized that historically, individuals engaging in such activities were often ridicule and shame, leading to a discouragement of such behaviour.
In a call for action, Dr. Addo urged Professor Gadzekpo to imdiametely retract her statements within 48 hours and issue an apology to the Ga Dangbe kingdom.
The demand for accountability underscores the seriousness with which the community regards the professor’s words.
As tensions rise, the Ga Dangbe kingdom awaits Professor Gadzekpo’s response, hoping for reconciliation and an acknowledgement of the impact of her words on their community.

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