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Bawumia Can’t Use Drivers Mate Minset To Runaway From His Economic mess-Adongo


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The Member of Parliament for Bolgatanga Central Constituency, Hon. Isaac Adongo says, in an attempt to con Ghanaians with self-pity, Dr Bawumia can’t run away from his terrible economic management record to escape responsibility Hardship for, cost of living crisis, and embarrassing bankruptcy of the country.
“The Vice President Dr, Mahamudu Bawumia is trying fruitlessly to hide behind the his infamous driver’s mate analog.”
“The constitution does not create your office as a driver’s mate but a co-pilot to safely navigate the country’s social economic development.
As a matter of fact, unlike a driver’s mate who is appointed by driver and can be fired by the driver, the constitution does not make you an appointee of the President to fire you”.
He emphasized that, the Vice President as a co-pilot has security of tenure with the capacity to act as a President.
Hon. Isaac Adongo revealed this when speaking at a Forum organized by the Coalition for Restoration Dialogue Series on the theme, “Ghana’s Economic Mess: Victim of Poor Economic Governance?

” We have had H.E John Dramani Mahama who went to work as a Vice President and returned home as a President and therefore Dr Bawumia’s driver’s mate mind-set is born out of inferiority complex and personality trait that appeals to pity to fool and scam people”.
According to Hon. Adongo, the problem of Dr. Bawumia is not the absence of powers because even if the constitution makes him a co-pilot he allows his inferiority complex stand in his way and with his lack of capacity to do the things he says he can do, he goes blaming every one and blackmailing everybody for more powers to cover his shortcomings.
He pointed out that, it is unthinkable for a team leader such as the Head of the Economic Management Team to pick and choose supposed successes as his own and distance himself from the poor performance even though he chairs the decision making process at EMT and serves as a Co-Pilot with the Captain at the approval process in Cabinet?
Hon. Isaac Adongo averred that, Vice President Alhaji Bawumia is working with some economic expertise including, Dr Gideon Boako, Professor Joe Amoako Tuffour, Mr Evron Rothschild Hughes, Dr Kabiru Mahama, Dr Mutaka Alolo, Dr Samuel Frimpong who are being paid with the taxpayers money yet, the economy is in a mess.
“Despite all these technical economic advisors in your office, you have failed to manage the economy and now seeking to hide behind digitalisation where you have no expertise and no technical advisor in digitalisation or innovation in your office”.
According to him, the Vice President promised heaven but delivered hell adding Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia thinks that he can jumped over the mess and hardships he has created and appear somewhere in the future to discuss another vision from cruel, wicked, inexperienced, naïve and vision less.
“It is important to serve notice and notice is hereby served that Alhaji should be ready to account for his economic mess and the hardships he has brought on Ghanaians before embarking on another round of his meaningless and theoretical so-called vision theatrics.We will not allow him to run from accounting for his monumental failures. At the last count, his economic mess is costing the country some $62 billion. This amount is enough to finance 3 and half years of the national budget. Ghanaian taxpayers, domestic bondholders including pensioners, market women and ordinary Ghanaians who have invested in mutual funds and collective investment schemes, banks, finance houses, insurance companies, other financial institutions including rural community banks, Eurobond holders, international commercial creditors and bilateral creditors are suffering and losing their hard earned money to pay for your economic mess”.
Hon. Adongo however, suggested the need for the Vice President to go for a refresher course in leadership and collective responsibility. “Did he sign any oath of secrecy? It is now your unethical words against the ethical majority of both teams. The last time I checked your office was still staffed with the capacity in technical economic advisory to assist you deliver to your mandate as the Head of EMT at the expense of the Ghanaian Taxpayer even though you claim to be the best brain in economics. Ghanaians are paying technical expertise in economics and finance in your office for you to do a good job at managing the economy”.
He lamented that in recent months, President Akufo Addo has demonstrated that he has checked out of office and looking forward to his exit on 7th January 2025 for the next President, H.E John Dramani Mahama, the safest and very experienced hand to turn the country’s fortunes around.
“As for Alhaji, he uses very derogatory and often inferiority minded descriptions of himself such as I’m a driver’s mate, I’m not my own man etc to con and blackmail Ghanaians to make him President before he clears his own mess. As a matter of fact he says he knows how to resolve the hardships he has imposed on us and even though he still has some 10 months left, he will not do it unless we make him President”.
The Vice President, Hon. Isaac Adongo added has Technically also checked out of office and the economy and leaving Ghanaians to their fate except to use the hardship he has imposed on the people to blackmail them to the Presidency.

“Even as we gasp for breath and struggling to live from hand to mouth, with us sometimes struggling to stretch our hands in the direction of our mouths, Alhaji says we should forget the hardships and discuss his impaired vision. He thinks that he can jump over the mess he has created without accounting for it by magically transporting our weak bodies into a future where we will not remember his mess and begin a conversation on his so-called vision. The World Bank has reported that Alhaji has already dragged some 850,000 of our country men and women not just into poverty but below the poverty-line”.

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