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Challa Youth Association Calls For Immediate Removal Of Nkwanta South MCE


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The Challa Youth Association in the Nkwanta South Municipality, has called on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to immediately remove from office, the MCE for Nkwanta South, Mr. Bright Lenwah.
This came to light at a press conference organized by the Youth in connection with the recent ethnic conflict at Nkwanta South Municipality in the Oti Region.
The recent conflict according to the Challa Youth Association domiciled in Nkwanta South and its enclaves has caused over eighteen people to lose their lives, which included several other breadwinners and scores others injured and disabled with some houses and properties burnt down and completely destroyed, with all schools in the municipality closed down for the past two months.

Meanwhile, most of the residents have fled the area to other parts of the country with the few left unable to go out to embark on any economic activities.
It is alleged that, the celebration of a yam festival organized by the Akyodes at the Nkwanta Municipality has been the root cause of the recent clashes between the Challas and Adeles on one side and the Akyodes on the other.
Addressing the media, Mr. Thompson Gamasen Kudjo, Leader of Challa Youth Association stated that, “Until his tenure of office, never in the history of the Municipality, have we witnessed any ethnic conflict, let alone to this magnitude. He has demonstrated that he is incapable of managing the affairs of the high office as Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) bestowed on him by the President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo”.

The Youth Association also demanded the immediate arrest of Nana Obonbo Sewura, Paramount Chief of the Akyodes, to account for his stewardship of the Nkwanta ethnic crisis. “An Eagle eye should also be kept on him by the security agencies and other authorities since he is the brain behind the Nkwanta conflicts. Anyone who dares to differ can go down and make their own investigations. All the tribes at Nkwanta South and North are pointing, accusing fingers at him. His demeanor even shows he is not ready for peace”.

The Challa Youth Association also accused Nana Obonbo Sewura of the Akyode Traditional Area of being at the center of the whole Nkwanta ethnic dispute indicating that, since his ascension to the Akyode throne in 2014, Nkwanta and its surroundings have never known peace.
“Nana Obonbo is on record to have said he was not going to stop the celebration of the Akyode festival at the disputed venue, neither will he ceasefire nor smoke the peace pipe. He has also promised his people a continuous attack on the Challas. His conviction is not born out of nothing since he knows without any shred of doubt that the only way, he could have access to Nkwanta lands is by eliminating the Challas, the true and original owners of Nkwanta lands. An exercise which would remain fruitless”.

According to the Youth Leader, the conflict was allegedly orchestrated by the Akyode people led by their Paramount Chief, Nana Obonbo, and his Akyode operatives which he further alleged, is part of their grand scheme to destabilize the whole area with impunity and in doing so, they would be able to claim Challa lands and other adjoining territories. “They want to achieve this with the false hope that the government of the day would support them blindly since many of their tribesmen are in the current government” .
He stated, “We Challas want to claim that we are the original owners of the Nkwanta land, of which we have documentary and legal proof. Therefore, no amount of harassment and intimidation from the Akyodes can shift our focus from our legitimate claim. In spite of all the attacks and intimidation meted out on us by the Akyodes, we have opted to remain resolute and maintain our peaceful demeanor because we do not want the proverbial disputed ‘living baby’ to be slained”

Again, they recommended for the establishment of a permanent military base at Nkwanta South to deal with the conflict effectively adding that, the conflict has created deep cracks among the ethnic factions, which has lasting ramifications and therefore, they were of the believe that permanent presence of the military would be the way out.
“We humbly crave the indulgence of the President of the Republic of Ghana H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and the Speaker of Parliament Right Honourable Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin to as a matter of urgency institute a full scale neutral/ unbiased commission of enquiry into the Nkwanta South ethnic dispute to ensure lasting peace, justice and to determine the true owners of Nkwanta lands”.
The Association further implored the Judicial Service and the security agencies to deal expeditiously with all the culprits who have been arrested in connection with the recent Nkwanta violence.
They appealed for the provision of immediate relief interventions and appropriate compensations to the affected victims, and also requested the President and the NPP party to take a critical look at the political dynamics of the party at Nkwanta South saying, the nefarious activities of the Akyodes have gravely dented the image of the party in Nkwanta South, Nkwanta Norh and Krachi East in the Oti Region.

The Association revealed that, Akyodes have secretly eliminated certain Challa towns and villages from modern maps of the Oti Region that have been developed because their Paramount Chief is currently the Chairman of the Oti Regional Lands Commission.

The Challa Youth outlined a number of crimes that the Akyodes have been linked to, arrested for, and are being prosecuted for since the 1990s:

Below is the alleged crimes:
i. In 1997, Akyodes attacked and vandalized Nkwanta police station, injured Inspector Newman, and others. One Mr. Danso, Otuo, Atabaso Samuel, and several others being Akyodes were arrested.
ii. In the year 2006, the Akyodes attacked and killed two (2) staff of the Game and Wildlife at the Kyabobo National Park. One of the deceased a son of Challa. May their souls rest in perfect peace.
iii. The Akyodes have made several attempts at the Challas in Keri over the performance of traditional rituals. Akyodes further claim Keri town belongs to them without any proof or evidence to substantiate their assertion.
iv. As stated earlier, in 2014, Akyodes shot and Killed Nkwanta South DCE Hon. Peter Kwadwo Kenyenso. People such as John Nana Sei, Kofi Lenwah (brother of current MCE) and others were arrested and sent to Accra for over a year.
v. In a sparsely, committed incidents, two unsuccessful attempts were made on the lives of two prominent people among the Challas and Nkwanta Municipality as a whole. Namely failed attempt to kill Nana Addo Kennewu Cheddere II at his residence and Nana Attah Boaresa who was attacked by Akyodes with cutlasses on his way from the farm.
vi. At the behest of Nana Obonbo Akyodes assaulted and demolished the homes of the people staying in Kabre Akura in 2019, alleging the property belonged to them. Again, John Nana Sei, Kofi Lenwah, one Cee Dollar and others were arrested.
From 2017 to date, Akyodes and Konkombas have long-standing conflicts in the Bonakye and Nyarkoma settlements within the Nkwanta south municipality over land ownership.
viii. In 2022, Akyodes shot a Kabre man leading to the amputation of his arm; they also shot and killed an Adele and a Basare. A Kotokoli man, as well as women from Loso, Konkomba, Ntrubo, and Ewe, were also attacked and injured. Again, John Nana Sei, Kofi Lenwah and Cee Dollar were arrested, and as we speak no one knows the result of that criminal incident.
ix. In recent times, the conflict that arose leading to the loss of several lives has its roots from the celebrations of the Akyode Yam Festival which a court of competent jurisdiction has put an injunction on. It should be noted that, while curfew is in full effect, the Akyodes have now resorted to a guerrilla styled warfare where they ambush to kill, injure, and rob people at the outskirts of Challa towns and villages. Three (3) Challas have so far been killed and few others injured through the use of such cowardice tactics.
They conveyed their profound appreciation to President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the Speaker of Parliament Right Hon. Alban Sumana K. Bagbin, the flag bearer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) HE. John Dramani Mahama and the Chief Justice Her Lordship Justice Gertrude Torkornu for the immense role they have played so far to ensure that peace is returning to the Nkwanta South area.
Challa Youth Association also commended the security agencies, the Ministry of Interior, Defense Ministry, the Police Command led by the IGP, Dr. Akuffo Dampare and many others in ensuring that there is a lasting peace in the area.
“We are indebted so much to our allies in this conflict, particularly the Adeles, Kotokolis, Basares, and many others who have boosted our morale, such as the Konkombas, Ewes, Chorkorsis etc”.

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