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Alliance of Global Volunteer Organizations Supports UN


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Abu M. Monor

The Alliance of Global Volunteer Organizations (AGVO) enthusiastically announces its robust endorsement and active engagement in commemorating International Volunteer Day 2023. Aligned with the United Nations (UN) theme, “The Power of Collective Action: If Everyone Did,” AGVO is dedicated to spotlighting the substantial impact achievable when individuals unite for a common cause.
Celebrated annually on December 5th, International Volunteer Day serves as a poignant reminder of volunteers’ pivotal role in fostering positive change and advancing global sustainable development. This year’s theme underscores the potency of collective action, underscoring that even modest individual endeavours, when amalgamated, can yield momentous results.
AGVO, a prominent global hub for volunteer organizations, acknowledges the significance of teamwork and collaboration in confronting intricate social challenges. By uniting diverse volunteer organizations across regions and sectors, AGVO facilitates the exchange of knowledge, best practices, and resources to amplify the collective impact of volunteerism worldwide.
On International Volunteer Day, AGVO, in tandem with its member organizations globally, will orchestrate a myriad of events, workshops, and campaigns to propagate the theme of collective action. The objective is to inspire individuals, communities, and organizations to conjoin forces, contributing their time, skills, and resources to effect positive change locally and globally.
“The power of collective action cannot be understated,” emphasized Mrs. Georgina Doamekpor, a representative from AGVO. “Through collaboration, we can create a ripple effect that showcases the transformative potential of individual contributions. AGVO is committed to fostering synergies among volunteer organizations and empowering people to take action towards a better world.”
AGVO extends an invitation to individuals, volunteer organizations, and stakeholders to actively partake in International Volunteer Day 2023. Together, let us champion collective action, recognizing its profound impact on communities worldwide. By fulfilling our respective roles, we can collectively achieve remarkable outcomes and construct a brighter future for all.

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