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CSIR – Water Research Institute takes proactive stance to tackle critical water security issues in Ghana


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Dr.Barnabas A.Amisigo,the principal research scientist

The CSIR – Water Research Institute is taking a proactive stance to tackle the critical issue of water security in Ghana. As part of its Open Day Event, the Institute has launched a three-part seminar series under the theme, “Ghana’s Water Security: Rethinking the Value of Water.” The primary objective is to advocate for sustainable exploration, use, and management of water resources throughout Ghana.

The inaugural seminar of this series delved into the pressing matter of rethinking water availability, encompassing both surface and groundwater sources, as well as water quality and sustainability. Dr. Barnabas Amisigo, a Principal Research Scientist, emphasized the nation’s heavy reliance on freshwater resources for diverse purposes such as agriculture, commercial water supply, industry, and hydroelectric power generation. He also pointed out a significant challenge; the uneven distribution of water due to varying climatic conditions. He called for a collective sense of responsibility towards water protection, emphasizing that water is a shared resource that serves all citizens. He further addressed the deteriorating water quality, often a consequence of environmental neglect driven by profit-seeking activities. Dr. Amisigo underlined the potential for rehabilitating water bodies in Ghana, even those polluted by illegal mining.


Speaking to the media, a Principal Research Scientist, Dr. William Agyekum, stressed the critical role of groundwater in ensuring water security. He pointed out that during periods of surface water scarcity, groundwater becomes the sole viable alternative. Generally, groundwater quality in Ghana is commendable, although some quality parameters can be above recommended guideline values due to the prevalence of hard rock geology. He also highlighted the challenge of quantifying groundwater volumes in Ghana due to the prevalence of variable borehole yields in the several different hard rocks in the country. Sustainable groundwater use was underscored, focusing on the avoidance of over-pumping, the protection of wetland areas, and addressing pertinent environmental concerns.

Senior Research Scientist, Dr. Emmanuel Obuobie shed light on the adverse impact of human activities on the quality of Ghanaian water resources. Activities such as illegal mining, illegal deforestation, and indiscriminate waste disposal have contributed to the degradation of water resources. To combat these issues, the Water Research Institute has planned a month long activities that includes a series of seminars in November aimed at raising awareness and educating stakeholders on various facets of water management.

Dr Williams Agyekum, principal research scientist

The CSIR – Water Research Institute’s commitment to addressing Ghana’s water security challenges is highlighted by this seminar series and the accompanying initiatives designed to encourage sustainable water resource management and protection. As the nation grapples with these vital issues, the institute’s efforts promise to pave the way for a more secure and sustainable water future for all Ghanaians.



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