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Ghana, our beloved country, has gone to the dogs, a complete mess -Victor Smith


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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. – “end of quote: Edmund Burke

Ghana is currently going through its worst economic crisis in a generation presided over by such an incompetent, reckless and unpatriotic administration which can at best be described as OBNOXIOUS.

“The centre cannot hold” ( credit to William Yeats) “Mere Anarchy is loosed upon us”.

Socio-Economic chaos:
our roads, our health, our children’s education , our finances, economy, with all the promises they made and their attitudes , their arrogance and the level of corruption. So many shameful things have been revealed by the NPP themselves in their dog fight for leadership of their Party.

It appears the government has given up. They cannot find solutions to the challenges we face as a country, anymore. They lied their way to power. They lacked the capability and the competency they touted. There’s total disenchantment with the government and the most worrying aspect is that the peoples representatives , our MPs, are not showing much care , they appear to have joined in the destruction . They only clandestinely lament but aren’t bold and caring or patriotic enough to stop the nonsense going on in the country.

They should have halted this administration by now. That is why we sometimes say Ghanaians aren’t angry enough. They haven’t enough fire in their bellies.

I believe Ghanaians have been cowed into submission with legalities they don’t really understand . The bold ones in society must rise to the occasion.

Country men and women:
Our democracy and country- in its current state , without much hope for any meaningful recovery in the next one year, coupled with threats of unrest and protests, may not survive the heat.

I propose that MPs go into a Special Emergency Session immediately to address the gargantuan mess, everywhere, and urgently figure out a way to pass a vote of no confidence in the Executive and mandate the Rt Hon Speaker to put together an interim administration to halt the decline and prepare Ghana for fresh elections.

Honorable MPs, act now or blame not the PEOPLE.

Please do not leave the PEOPLE to their own devices.

I am done for now.

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