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Stop Slaughtering innocent Children in Gaza – Palestinian Ambassador to Ghana


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The Palestinian Ambassador to Ghana, Mr. AbdalFatah Ahmed Khalil Alsattari has stated that, nobody has the right to control the lives of others or killed them as happening to the Palestinian people.

Speaking to the media, Mr.AbdalFatah Ahmed Khalil called for the adoption of the two state approach to settle the war between Israel and Palestine.
Is the best for to a lasting peace and security.
He expressed his worries about Israel’s continuous killing of innocent children and women in Gaza, the abuse of international laws during wars

According to him, for the war between the two states to be solved, there must be the need for the establishment of independent Palestinian State and not the occupier.

Two State approach he mentioned, was proposed to find a lasting solution to the conflict between the two countries added that, it was the official position of the United Kingdom, United States of America, and the United Nations to address the conflict.

The Palestinian Ambassador however, blamed the failure of the two State approach agreement on Israel, for refusing to accept it and continue to carry out atrocities on the Palestinian people.

He averred that, over 10,000 Palestinian mostly women and children have been killed since 2008 adding that, Israel in 2012, attacked Gaza and killed about 750 people who are Palestinians.

The Ambassador further accused Israel of committing war crimes against the people of Palestinian by killing innocent civilians, especially women and children. “Are these children and women Hamas. Why do they kill them. Why do they kill the children — six years seven years, one year, why do they kill pregnant women?. Is this the international law, is this justice, is this the human rights?”.

Mr.Ahmed stressed that, since October 7, 2023, about 7,000 Palestinians had lost their lives of which, 2,055 were children and 1,119 being women.

He expressed appreciations to the Government and people of Egypt and other African countries, including Ghana for showing support and solidarity with the State and people of Palestine.

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