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Council For Zongo Chiefs affirms Ayamba Jibrine as Frafra Chief


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The Chairman of the Frafra Islamic Foundation and Secretary to Frafra Chief, Moses Bawa has disclosed that, the Council For Zongo Chiefs says, because there is already an elected Frafra Chief in the person of Ayamba Jibrine, they refused the letter of recognition that Nyaaba Abas came to seek from them.

Mr. Bawa made this known in an interview just after Frafra Islamic Foundation have presented petition to the Council for Zongo Chiefs and a meeting with the current Frafra Chief, Ayamba Jibrine and other contestants held in Accra.

He said, earlier information gathered was that, the Council for Zongo Chiefs have agreed to issue a letter of recognition to Nyaaba Abas as Frafra Chief.

Moses Bawa however averred that, they are now satisfied with the explanation given by the Council that, there is no way they can give a certificate again to another person on the same position. Therefore, they have not issue any recognition letter to Nyaaba Abas.

The Council for Zongo Chiefs according to the Secretary for Frafra Chief, confirmed that indeed, Abas came to see them for a recognition letter but they turn him down and was advised to go home because, they are going to call the two together for a deliberation.

Moses Bawa further, entreated Chief Nyaaba Abas to be calm and rather come to them so that they can find a place for him, as they nurtured him to be matured for future context in case he wants to become the next Frafra Chief.

The next action to be taken should in case Chief Abas did not heed to their advise Mr. Bawa stated, is to send the case to an appropriate quarters including the Ga Traditional Council whom he said are already aware of the matter and are preparing to call everyone.

“We want to tell the Abas Nyaaba to be calm so that we all come together for unity to prevail .

A contestant to Frafra stool in Accra, Adombilla Phillip (Chief of Danchira) also said, he is satisfied with the Council’s decision for not giving two certificate out saying, there is an already recognized Chief by name Chief Ayamba Jibrine who won 4 votes in the context they had as against Abass Nyaaba who had 2 votes out of a total number of 7.

“We acknowledged Chief Ayamba Jibrine as the Frafra Chief. I was one of the contestants. I contested him but it got to a level that I have to step down and endorsed him. Abas was not elected as a Chief. He is my direct brother. Nobody here is closer to Abas like me. But where he is passing is a wrong path so, we decided that the old man should go and that is why he is the Chief now”.

The legend Musician, King Ayisoba who also hails from Balgatanga in an interview, called for peace adding that, Abas should calm down and alow Chief Ayamba Jibrine to hold the Frafra Chief title.

In the Frafra Islamic Foundation petition, they expressed their dissatisfaction on the way the Council asked Chief Alhaji Ayamba Jibrine not to attend the council meeting as a result of their solicitor letter dated 6″ June, 2023 making a mistake that the council has enskinned him knowing very well that the council has never enskinned their chiefs before.

“Therefore, it was a surprise to the community elders and chiefs especially the Muslims in Accra when the council prevented the Frafra Chief from attending meetings meetings .

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