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Coalition of Muslim Organizations in Ghana Calls for International Sanctions on Israel and Protests Ghana’s UN Abstention


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In a significant and impassioned statement issued by Hajj Abdel-Manan Abdel-Rahman, President of the Coalition of Muslim Organizations, Ghana (COMOG), the organization has called for international sanctions on Israel and strongly condemned Ghana’s recent abstention in the UN Security Council voting. COMOG also urged an immediate cessation of diplomatic relations with Israel, further fueling the ongoing debate regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
COMOG’s statement, released earlier today, expresses deep concern over the ongoing attacks on the Palestinian people by Israel, describing the situation as a “grave concern” for the international community. The organization insists that the international community must act urgently to address the “unprecedented human catastrophe in Gaza.”
The Coalition of Muslim Organizations is a prominent umbrella organization in Ghana that advocates for peace and security globally. COMOG strongly criticized the positions taken by the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and other European Union nations, accusing them of one-sided support for Israel, whom they label as the aggressor in the over 75 years Palestine-Israel conflict.
The statement highlights the devastating toll on the Palestinian people, citing the death of over 250 Palestinians before the recent escalations and the desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. COMOG questions the moral integrity of the USA and its EU allies, stressing their obligation to uphold the principles of the United Nations Charter, which was established after World War II to promote peace and justice worldwide.
Furthermore, the statement argues that the United States and its EU allies should not openly support Israel in the face of the ongoing conflict, particularly given the volatile situation in the Middle East and Africa, where terrorist activities intersect with freedom fighters.
COMOG expressed its disappointment with Ghana’s decision to abstain from the voting on the Russian resolution regarding Gaza in the UN Security Council. The organization considers Ghana’s stance to be at odds with its foreign policy and calls for a ceasefire, the release of hostages on both sides, access to humanitarian aid, and the safe evacuation of civilians in Gaza.
In a final announcement, COMOG revealed plans for a peaceful protest in Accra and various regional capitals on Friday, October 27, 2023. They invite all peace-loving Ghanaians to join in their demand for UN intervention to halt the violence in Palestine.
The statement concludes with expressions of condolences to the bereaved Palestinian families and solidarity with the people of Palestine. It reaffirms COMOG’s commitment to the Palestinian cause, with a resounding “Long live the State of Palestine! Long live the people of Palestine!”

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