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President of Majma Ahlil Bait, Ghana Urges Global Action to Halt Genocide in Palestine


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In a passionate plea, Muhammad Abu Jaja, President of Majma Ahlil Bait in Ghana, has called on the international community to put an end to the ongoing genocide in Palestine. His statement, delivered in a public address, condemned the world’s support for the oppression of the Palestinian people by the Zionist movement.
President Jaja emphasized that for seven decades, Palestinians have endured relentless suffering, including killings, illegal land expansion, and persecution at the hands of the Zionist movement, backed by select global powers. He asserted that the recent actions taken by Palestinians are a direct response to the prolonged oppression they have faced, noting that such suppression eventually leads to a breaking point.
Jaja warned that the Zionist movement should not underestimate the Palestinian people’s resilience, emphasizing that they will always resist and retaliate against any cruelty they endure. The most viable solution, he suggested, is to liberate Palestinian land from the illegal occupation by the Zionist movement.
The Ghanaian leader expressed deep concern over the world’s support for the brutality and genocide occurring in the Gaza Strip. He cited the denial of basic human needs and rights, such as water, food, electricity, and medical supplies to the people of Palestine, while the world hegemony continues to provide military support to the Zionist forces, allowing them to perpetuate the violence that targets children, women, and the elderly.
In conclusion, Jaja called upon all compassionate individuals across the globe to unite in support of the oppressed Palestinian people, emphasizing that injustice and oppression anywhere should be a concern for everyone. He implored that the indiscriminate bombings and the deprivation of basic human needs for the vulnerable population in Palestine must come to an end. Jaja stated unequivocally that Palestine’s freedom equates to the freedom of the world, and that peace should prevail over oppression, hatred, and animosity.
President Jaja concluded his statement with the words, “And there is no power except in God,” reflecting the hope for divine intervention and global unity to bring an end to the suffering in Palestine. His call for international action adds to the growing voices advocating for a just and peaceful resolution to the longstanding conflict in the region.

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