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In the furnace of our nation’s trials, we stand at the brink, demanding nothing less than our collective grit and unyielding resolve. As the National Youth Organizer of the NDC, I implore you, not just as a leader but as a comrade-in-arms, to rise up and put an end to the monstrous corruption and malevolence of this government. Tomorrow’s protest is not merely an event; it is a battle cry for every young Ghanaian!

We teeter on the edge of history, our nation held hostage by economic blunders and a leadership that has lost sight of the pulse of our people. The Central Bank’s insatiable hunger for debt, soaring recklessly into the abyss of over 80 billion Ghana cedis, is not just a financial calamity; it is a betrayal of the hopes and dreams of every Ghanaian youth.

In these treacherous times, as our people bear the brunt, the head of the Bank of Ghana audaciously pursues a 350 million dollar facility under the facade of a ‘befitting edifice.’ Let it be known: we, the youth of Ghana, will not stand idle as our country is shackled by the reckless squandering of public funds. This protest is not a choice; it is a demand, an unmissable opportunity to thunder against the injustice!

Tomorrow is not just another day; it is a rendezvous with destiny. To the young warriors of change, I declare: the era of complacency is over! We cannot afford to be mere spectators to the erosion of our future. This is our moment to rise, united and unyielding, against the torrents of economic upheaval threatening to submerge our dreams.

March with us on the streets tomorrow, October 3, 2023, not as solitary souls, but as an unstoppable force of change crashing against the walls of apathy. Our protest is not mere disagreement; it is a proclamation that we, the youth of Ghana, reject the burden of today’s corrupt, selfish, callous ‘mis-leadership’ masquerading as the government of our republic. Should you miss this protest, know that over 80 billion Ghana cedis of our public funds will line the pockets of cronies, and over 350 million dollars will fund the extravagant lifestyles of a corrupt brigade.

As the sun ascends on the protest grounds, let our voices pierce the heavens, demanding accountability and justice. Let the echoes of our united roar reach every nook and cranny of this nation, rousing a spirit of tenacity in every young heart. We are not just protesting the woes of today; we are rallying for a tomorrow liberated from the chains of economic oppression.

In the face of this historic juncture, we shall not waver. Let the blaze of our collective discontent illuminate the path to a brighter future. Tomorrow is not just a protest; it is a revolution, an emphatic statement that we shall not be silenced, that the youth of Ghana will reclaim their rightful place in the molding of our nation’s destiny.

In unity, in defiance, and in hope, we march. Tomorrow, let the streets resound with the steps of the young and the fearless, for this is not just a protest; it is a seismic shift, a clarion call that reverberates through the halls of power.

Finally! Come prepared tomorrow, for should the police dare assault the protesting public, demanding justice from those who have brought our country so low, we will defend ourselves and this republic at the risk of our lives. Join us, for in our unity lies the power to forge a new dawn for Ghana on the streets of Accra tomorrow!


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