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Godwin Ako Gunn’s Scathing Critique of Nana Addo – A Call for Change


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Subtitle: “This is not the time to call for 2024 to vote them out. There must be a house cleaning in 2023.”

By Abu M. Monor

In a recent statement that has sent ripples through Ghana’s political landscape, Godwin Ako Gunn, Deputy National Communications of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) for his outspokenness, has voiced a scathing critique of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, the President of Ghana. Gunn’s words, though passionate, reflect a growing sentiment of disillusionment among some Ghanaians.
Gunn began his statement by congratulating the managers and campaign team of Nana Akufo-Addo, lauding their ability to “sell human waste as gob3 and project idiots as saints.”
He acknowledged the skill it takes to manipulate public perception in this manner.
He went on to express understanding for those who supported Nana Addo during his campaign, recognizing the high hopes that many held for his leadership. Gunn compared this to the biblical story of Israel rejecting God and asking for a king like other nations, implying that the choice of Nana Addo and his vice-president, Bawumia, had led to detrimental consequences.
One of the central criticisms levelled by Gunn was against Nana Addo’s background as a Human Rights Lawyer. Gunn questioned how a lawyer with a background in human rights could be seen as undermining the rights of citizens.
He used strong language to describe such actions, referring to them as “blood-sucking” and suggesting that those who engage in such activities must have “insanity issues.”
Gunn also highlighted cases such as the killings during the 2020 general elections and the disappearance of the Takoradi girls, pointing out that these issues had not received the attention they deserved. Deputy National Communications raised concerns about police officers involved in these cases being promoted and hinted at a lack of accountability.
The statement also made reference to a book called “AGYAPADE3” and mentioned the role of individuals like Akufo-Dampare and COP Alex Mensah in current events, indicating that the content of this book might shed light on their actions.
Gunn touched upon issues within the military, suggesting that promotions had created a climate of fear and division.
Gunn’s statement concluded by asserting that Ghana’s institutions had been weakened, labelling Nana Addo as a dictator, and calling for immediate action in 2023 rather than waiting for the 2024 elections.
He urged the youth to stand up against what he perceived as oppression within various sectors of the country and emphasized the need to bring about change.
The statement ended with the Arabic phrase “Kun Fa Yakun,” which means “Be, and it is,” implying that change can be realized if action is taken.
This outspoken critique has generated discussions across Ghana about the state of the nation’s institutions and the path forward.
It remains to be seen how this call for change will resonate with the wider population and whether it will lead to tangible reforms in the near future.

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