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There is a one quotation from the old Greatest Gospel Book of all time, the Bible, which reads: “There is a time to mourn, a time to laugh, a time to sow and a time to reap, a time to make merry and a time to bury the dead. I admire and cherish this quotation very much. There is also a similar Akan adage which goes as; “Futukokonini ne Okoto nsere wo afe koro mu.” This literally translates that all days are not equal or the same.
I began my opening paragraph in this short piece but very deep write up with Bible quotation and proverbs to highlight some political history in Akyem Abuakwa/East Akyem and Abuakwa South in the Eastern Region that has travelled from post-independence era till date.
Predating the pre-independence days, Akyem Abuakwa can boast of three natives as founders of the notable Big Six who initiated the fight for self-rule from our colonial masters, Britain.Joseph Boakye Danquah, William Ofori-Atta,Edward Akufo-Addo.
Critically speaking Ako Adjei became part of the independence fighters as a result his friendship with the three Akyem stalwarts, because he Ako Adjei’s father had acquired a vast land within the Begoro enclave from Okyeman Traditional Council for farming. And the area became known as Adjeikrom, which is now a big farming community.
This piece briefing tells how Akyem Abuakwa became the centre of Ghana’s struggle for independence.
After independence, Ghana has gone through four republics as a result of military interventions.
I have keenly followed this fourth republic regime because I duly participated in the 1992 election process.
Narrowing my conversation down to constituency by constituency,Akyem Abuakwa/Abuakwa South has had its fair share of representation in parliament.
The Abuakwa Constituency for several years had a vast area covering hundreds of communities and towns of which the big among them include; Apedwa, Suhum,Tafo, Asiakwa, Kwaben, Anyinam, Begoro, Kyebi, Osiem and sevral others. Today, new constituencies have been created and we have, Abuakwa South and North, Atewa East and West, Fanteakwa North and South, Suhum, Coaltar and others.
Since 1992, the Abuakwa/Abuakwa South has had Owuraku Amofa of the EGLE Party, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo of the NPP and Samuel Atta-Akyea also of the NPP.
As if it has become a trend or a tradition in the Ghanaian politics, politicians or candidates showcase what they can do for their constituents when election is approaching. We have witnessed this trend or traditions across many constituencies and from many political corners during electioneering. During elections that politicians make promises and offer millions of help to the electorates to win their votes.
Again, as I have witnessed from 1992 till date when these political actors and candidates offering help to Abuakwa South constituents during election, in my view first consider their party members first, before they extend to other people, just to win their sympathy votes.
I have thus followed Abuakwa South political journey throughout the fourth public and have witnessed how followers have been treated unfairly by actors from the opposite political party.The story was that I share what I have with my brother who belongs to my political party.
This has been the story in my Abuakwa South Constituency until we heard of a young and vibrant activist who glossed over political colours and affiliates before extending help in the needy showed up. This young man made politics devoid of hatred and discrimination.
He started supporting the needy, vulnerable and the hungry many years we witnessed his interest in the Abuakwa South Parliamentary seat.
For the few years he joined the Ghanaian political trail, many are those whose economic lifestyle and standards of living have improved because of this young enterprising Abuakwa South son.
I have taken my time to interact with some residents in all communities in Abuakwa South and his name happens to be on the lips of every single person I encountered. And who is this Young Political Activist? Dr. Kingsley Kwame Agyemang-The Registrar of Ghana Scholarships Secretariat.
Many words cannot describe the kind gesture and generosity of Dr. Kingsley Agyemang in Abuakwa South and beyond. From providing shelter for the homeless, paying school fees for the needy, paying hospital bills and surgery costs for the sick,providing clothing for the naked and many more.
Not that alone, he has also provided school infrastructure in several communities, and Kingsley Spelling, Math and Science Quiz which has improved standard of education in the last four years.
Putting the many political actors who have availed themselves in Abuakwa South over the years on a single scale, I see Dr. Kingsley Agyemang standing tall among all of them. He is not rich, but humble, respectful and down to earth for everyone. From the little he has he has touched many lives in this country.
Dr. Kingsley Agyemang is a man who does not look at one’s political affiliation before he offers him or her help or support.
I have a strong a conviction that, if Dr. Kingsley Agyemang should declare his intention to contest the Abuakwa South seat come 2024, it will be the first time the New Patriotic Party will sweep all the parliamentary votes in the constituency. That is my personal prediction
Indeed the slogan POWERTOEMPOWER vividly speaks of the man I am talking about. Kwame has touched more lives than the Angel in heaven. He has indeed changed the face of Abuakwa South Politics.
Kwame Abuakwa South is Grateful to your Kindness and Generosity.
Abuakwa South NPP Delegates are waiting to crown you as Our Parliamentary Candidate towards the 2024 Election.
And the beautiful story we all await to hear and write and tell will definitely happen on the 7th December, 2024.
Dr. Kingsley Kwame Agyemang-Okyeman Kanea. PowerToEmpower.
May the Almighty God continue to bless you till the battle is totally won.
The Battle is Still the Lord’s.

By: Baffuor Owiredu-Amoh
Writer/Broadcast Journalist

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