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2024 Change Must Come, A Glimpse into United Ghana Conservative Convention’s Vision


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By Abu M. Monor

Accra, August 21, 2023 – Kwasi Obeng Tano, the leader of the United Ghana Conservative Convention (UGCC), has stirred a fervent call for change in the political landscape of Ghana. Addressing the nation’s challenges head-on, Tano emphasized the need for good governance to drive a prosperous economy that would, in turn, foster business growth.
In his passionate address, Tano highlighted the undeniable link between governance and economic stability. He pointed out that the last three decades have seen Ghana grappling with economic challenges that have hindered business growth and impeded progress. “For 30 years now, the economy of Ghana has never been good at any given time. We must, therefore, change the managers of our economy for something better,” Tano stated.
Tano drew attention to the historical context of Ghana’s political journey since transitioning from military rule to democracy. The National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP) have taken turns in governance, yet persistent issues such as high unemployment, corruption, and mismanagement have marred their tenures. “Eight mistakes have already been made since December 1992, but don’t make the ninth mistake in December 2024. Be wise. Join and support UGCC,” urged Tano.
He underscored the urgency of exploring alternatives by introducing the UGCC as a new political force capable of delivering change. “Today, we all accept that nothing has been changed apart from unemployment, high cost of living, nepotism, and corruption. Clearly, things are not right in the country,” Tano asserted. He called for Ghanaians to contemplate the options available for the upcoming December 2024 elections, urging them to consider embracing a new path to address the nation’s challenges.
As the leader of UGCC, Kwasi Obeng Tano’s rallying cry for change has resonated with many who have grown weary of the recurring issues that have plagued Ghana’s progress. The political landscape is indeed poised for a transformation, and the nation now stands at a crossroads as citizens contemplate the potential for change that the United Ghana Conservative Convention may bring.

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