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Aspiring Assembly Man, Pledges Development and Service for the NewAdentan Electoral


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By Abu M. Monor

In a promising bid for community development, Mohammed Nurudeen Awudu has emerged as a contender for the Assembly Man position in the New Adentan Electoral. With a strong focus on development and service to the people, Awudu aims to make a lasting impact on the lives of the constituents he seeks to represent.
Speaking to the _Daily Democrat newspaper,_ Mr. Mohammed Nurudeen emphasized his dedication to the betterment of the electoral area. He pledged to prioritize the welfare of the people and work tirelessly to fulfil their needs.
Awudu expressed his commitment to giving the utmost attention to his constituents, vowing to leave no stone unturned in his pursuit of progress.
If elected, one of Awudu’s first initiatives will be to address the pressing issue of youth unemployment.
He underscored the importance of equal opportunities for the youth, with a strong emphasis on capacity building and entrepreneurship.
Awudu believes that nurturing the skills and talents of the younger generation is crucial for the growth and prosperity of the community.
Awudu also highlighted his intentions to improve infrastructure within the electoral area.
He pledged to leverage his position to secure government assistance for the rehabilitation of old infrastructure and the introduction of new amenities.
Additionally, he expressed a keen interest in ensuring the education of the girl child is taken seriously, emphasizing the significance of empowering young girls through education.
Recognizing the power of social networking, Awudu stressed the importance of collaboration among stakeholders.
He envisions a platform where community members, local organizations, and authorities can come together to discuss and plan the development of the area. This approach, he believes, will harness the collective wisdom and efforts of all those invested in the electoral area’s progress.
Moreover, Awudu highlighted the vital role women play in society and his commitment to their empowerment. He promised to support and empower women, enabling them to seize opportunities and secure a prosperous future for themselves.
As the electoral race gains momentum, Mohammed Nurudeen Awudu’s vision and commitment to development and service have captured the attention of many. His dedication to youth employment, infrastructure improvement, and the advancement of women’s rights stand as pillars of his campaign. With his promises of a brighter future for New Adentan, Awudu’s candidacy is likely to spark enthusiasm among constituents eager for positive change.

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