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Alhaji Dr. Saiid Kwasi Adu’s Enlightening Lectures on Health and Disease Prevention


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By Abu M. Monor

In a recent series of impactful lectures on health matters, Dr. Saiid Kwasi Adu, the esteemed Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Last Homeopathic Clinic Ltd., has been educating the public on the significance of recognizing early symptoms of diseases and the importance of adopting healthy living practices.
The lectures, which have been gaining significant attention, began with a vital lesson on understanding when to visit a doctor for medical evaluation. Dr. Saiid emphasized that regular check-ups are essential, but it is equally crucial to be vigilant about any unfamiliar symptoms the body may experience.
Dr. Saiid, a renowned doctor specializing in homeopathic treatments for chronic diseases, explained that most diseases don’t manifest suddenly but develop over time before noticeable symptoms emerge. He cited examples of acute diseases such as fevers and food poisoning, which exhibit sudden and severe symptoms. However, Dr. Saiid, a practitioner of homeopathic medicine, said in the case of chronic conditions affecting organs like the kidneys, liver, heart, or even strokes, early detection is key to effective treatment.
“Before we experience any unfamiliar symptoms in the body, something has already begun to underfunction,” Dr. Saiid stressed during one of his lectures. “It is not the time that you felt the pains in the heart, palpitation of the heart, or slight dizziness that you are developing a disease. We have to make sure that we understand any symptoms that we experience.”
The homeopathic expert went on to caution the public against dismissing seemingly minor symptoms and encouraged them to report any new or persistent symptoms to a doctor promptly. He revealed that during the past year, many people developed serious health issues, including strokes, because they overlooked early warning signs and took common symptoms for granted.
Dr. Saiid’s lectures also touched on the importance of adopting good and healthy lifestyle practices to prevent chronic diseases. He urged the audience to embrace natural treatments and make positive changes in their daily lives to maintain optimal health.
“As we continue to learn new healthy lifestyles, let us put them into practice to make us healthier as we grow,” Dr. Saiid said passionately. “Those who fail to use their food as their medicine have to take medicines as their food for the rest of their lives. Good health is not a gift from God/Allah but our effort to avoid diseases.”
The public has responded enthusiastically to Alhaji Dr. Saiid Kwasi Adu’s lectures, and many have pledged to implement his advice into their daily lives. With his expert guidance, individuals are empowered to take control of their health and work towards a disease-free future.
As the lectures continue, people are becoming more aware of the significance of early detection and preventive healthcare measures, thereby fostering a healthier and happier community.
Dr. Saiid Kwasi Adu’s Last Homeopathic Clinic Ltd., situated in Kasao on the way to the new market, specializes in the treatment of various chronic diseases using homeopathic drugs.

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