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Dr. Hassan Ayariga Criticizes Government’s Economic Management


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By Abu M. Monor

In a heartfelt address, Dr. Hassan Ayariga, the Founder and Leader of the All People’s Congress (APC), expressed grave concerns over the current state of Ghana’s economy and the hardships faced by the Ghanaian people. In a scathing critique, he accused the ruling government of mismanagement, corruption, and a lack of visionary leadership.
Addressing the nation, Dr. Ayariga lamented the worsening economic situation in Ghana, with prices of essential commodities and services continuously rising while salaries remain stagnant. He highlighted the alarming rate of unemployment and its devastating impact on the youth, leading to desperate measures, including suicide.
Criticizing the ruling party’s focus on internal politics, Dr. Ayariga pointed out that the current Vice President, Dr. Bawumia, seemed more invested in campaigning for his party’s flag bearer position than addressing the nation’s pressing economic challenges. Furthermore, he called for an investigation into allegations of corruption against Hon. Cecilia Dapaah, urging the Special Prosecutor to act swiftly.
Dr. Ayariga emphasized the urgent need for strong institutions and visionary leadership to lead Ghana out of its current economic crisis. He criticized the prevalent culture of silence and called on the President and his government to listen to the cries of the suffering citizens.
Highlighting the alarming inflation rate and the high cost of living, Dr. Ayariga urged Ghanaians to support the APC in the upcoming 2024 elections, emphasizing the need for a change in leadership to address the pressing issues facing the nation.
In his concluding remarks, Dr. Ayariga expressed hope for Ghana’s future and appealed to the people to unite and commit their votes to the APC in the pursuit of a brighter and prosperous Ghana.
As the economic situation continues to be a pressing concern for the nation, Dr. Ayariga’s impassioned plea adds to the growing public debate on the need for effective and responsible governance to address the challenges facing the country.

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