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Usratul Azkar Members Pay Courtesy Call to National Chief Imam in Ghana


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By Abu M. Monor

Members of Usratul Azkar, a non-profit governmental organization, paid a courtesy visit to the esteemed National Chief Imam of the Republic of Ghana, Alhaji Dr. Nuhu Shaributu, at his residence in New Fadama. Led by the organization’s Founder and Spiritual Leader, Sheikh Antar Shuaib Fofana, the purpose of the visit was to strengthen their bond with the revered spiritual figure and seek his blessings and guidance.
Sheikh Antar Shuaib Fofana expressed that the age and spiritual wisdom of the National Chief Imam hold valuable lessons for the youth. Therefore, the visit aimed to facilitate interactions and prayers to seek Allah’s mercy and guidance for the younger generation.
The National Chief Imam, Alhaji Dr. Nuhu Shaributu, warmly interacted with the members of Usratul Azkar and offered prayers for them. His words of wisdom and spiritual guidance resonated deeply with the visitors, who viewed him as an exemplar of piety and leadership.
Sheikh Antar Shuaib Fofana, a respected spiritual teacher, has had a profound impact on the lives of over a thousand students during the course of twelve years. His teachings centre around the practical application of the Holy Quran to address various physical and spiritual ailments faced by individuals.

Through an innovative pedagogical approach, Sheikh Fofana organizes his students into groups, with the current group being the 14th cohort. His teachings cater primarily to the youth, both male and female, who seek spiritual enlightenment and guidance in their lives.
One of the significant aspects of his teachings is the utilization of Quranic verses possessing healing properties and offering solutions to the challenges that people encounter in their personal lives. Sheikh Fofana imparts knowledge and understanding, empowering his students to use the Quran to find solace and strength in difficult times.
The visitation of Usratul Azkar members to the National Chief Imam of Ghana, Alhaji Dr. Nuhu Shaributu marks an important moment in fostering interfaith understanding and strengthening the spiritual bond between different communities. It highlights the organization’s commitment to learning from the wisdom of experienced spiritual leaders and seeking divine guidance to navigate life’s challenges.
The Usratul Azkar organization and its founder, Sheikh Antar Shuaib Fofana, are highly regarded for their contributions to spiritual education and promoting understanding among diverse communities in the Republic of Ghana.
Speaking to the media, Sheikh Antar Shuaib Fofana said, “My aim is to empower my students with the wisdom and knowledge to tap into the Quran’s spiritual depths, enabling them to find solace in times of distress and heal their ailments.”
The teachings of Sheikh Fofana have resonated deeply with his students, many of whom credit his guidance for positive transformations in their lives. Students describe a newfound sense of inner peace and resilience, as well as a strengthened connection to their faith.
One of the students in a 7th group, Hajia Hamidatu Saeed, a mother of 3, shared her experience, saying, “Sheikh Antar’s teachings have been transformative for me. I have learned to recite specific verses for healing, and it has helped me overcome physical ailments and find strength during difficult times. His teachings have instilled in me a deep reverence for the Quran.”

Under the umbrella of Usratul Azkar, Sheikh Antar Shuaib Fofana has fostered a supportive and inclusive learning environment, allowing students to share their experiences, seek guidance, and develop a strong sense of community. The organization has become a hub for spiritual growth, attracting individuals from diverse backgrounds seeking solace and enlightenment.
Looking toward the future, Sheikh Fofana plans to expand his teachings beyond the borders of Madina, extending his reach to a wider audience through online platforms and educational initiatives. His aspiration is to inspire and empower individuals across the globe with the profound spiritual teachings of the Quran.
Sheikh Antar Shuaib Fofana’s unwavering commitment to sharing the spiritual aspects of the Quran and his dedication to helping others find healing and solutions to life’s challenges have earned him admiration and respect within his community and beyond. With his transformative teachings, he continues to guide and inspire countless individuals on their journey of spiritual enlightenment.
As the members of the Usratul Azkar departed from the residence of the National Chief Imam, they carried with them a sense of inspiration and renewed determination to uphold the values of compassion, empathy, and community service.

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