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Sinister Agenda Against Dampare: Unveiling Paul Adom Otchere’s Motives


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It is evident that certain factions within the media are going to great lengths to undermine the credibility of Inspector General of Police, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare, despite the disgraceful leak tape.

Undoubtedly, the host of the Good Evening Ghana show on Metro TV, who is also the Board Chairman of Ghana Airport Company Limited, has been openly working against the IGP by needlessly fabricating stories, alleging that certain actions taken by the IGP pose a threat to national security.
Paul Adom Otchere, during his show, made unverified claims that the police administration held meetings with journalists and paid them to amplify the leaked tape. He asserted that he possessed a list of journalists and the corresponding amounts they were paid and ominously threatened to bring this information to the attention of the Ghana Journalist Association.
Furthermore, he insinuated that there exists tension within the police service due to what he perceived as the IGP’s divisive leadership qualities in creating an elite force. He went so far as to label certain sections of the police service as loyalists to Dampare and accused this so-called elite force of engaging in extrajudicial killings of Tamale civilians in November 2022. He vowed to pursue action to ensure that Dampare adheres to the law or, alternatively, be removed from office.
During the July 13, 2023 episode of Good Evening Ghana, Paul Adom Otchere claimed that a source within the Ghana Police Service alleged that the majority of the top hierarchy, the Commissioners of Police (COPs), are dissatisfied with the management style of the IGP, Dr. George Akuffo Dampare. He contended that these COPs are displeased because the IGP, himself a COP, is exerting his influence in inappropriate areas.
These actions, among others, have brought to light Paul Adom Otchere’s hypocrisy and his ulterior motives against Dampare, which remain known only to him. His conduct and attitude towards the IGP regarding the leaked tape expose his concern for his political position as the Board Chairman of Ghana Airport Company Limited, fearing that should the NPP fail to secure another term, he will inevitably lose his position, possibly leading to allegations of corruption under his tenure.
Regrettably, Paul Adom Otchere demonstrates no interest in the actual contents of the leaked tape, instead, busying himself with public relations efforts on behalf of those implicated. Formerly regarded as one of the respected journalists in the country, he has now become a pawn of his paymasters, driven by the allure of his lucrative position. It would be wise for him to reflect upon the adage that a good name is worth more than silver and gold.
Mr. Paul, it is imperative that you use your intellect. Your love for money is gradually eroding the hard-earned reputation you spent many years building as a journalist. A word to the wise should be sufficient.

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