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Mammoth Hayilala to Commemorate Sheikh Maikano’s Birthday


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Abu M. Monor

Zawuyatul Hababul Rasul, a prominent Islamic group, organized a grand Hayilala event at the Kotobabi down Mosque on Friday, the 14th of July. The program, which witnessed the participation of people from various zawuyas within Greater Accra, aimed to seek Allah’s mercy upon Prophet Muhammad (SWS) and to glorify, praise, and remember Allah.
Furthermore, the occasion served as a special commemoration of the birthday of Sheikh Alhaji Abdulai Ahmed Maikano, the revered spiritual leader of the Tijaniyya Muslim Council of Ghana. The Kotobabi Mosque, built by the children of Sheikh Salifu Sinare under the leadership of his elder child, Alhaji Said Sinare, was filled to its capacity, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Sheikh Masawudu Modibo, the distinguished guest of honor, expressed his gratitude to all those who attended the program and extended his heartfelt prayers for Allah’s blessings upon them. In his passionate eulogy, he praised Sheikh Alhaji Abdulai Ahmed Maikano for his unparalleled efforts in defending Islam against non-believers and some Muslims, who opposed his endeavors to make Islam more appealing in Ghana.
Sheikh Masawudu emphasized that Sheikh Maikano’s dedication to the faith was unmatched, and his contributions played a crucial role in promoting Islamic values within the country. The attendees were moved by his heartfelt words, which paid tribute to the remarkable legacy left behind by Sheikh Maikano.
The Hayilala event at the Kotobabi Mosque showcased the unity and devotion of the Tijaniyya Muslim community in Ghana. It served as a platform for spiritual enrichment, fostering a sense of reverence for Prophet Muhammad (SWS) and expressing gratitude to Allah.

As the gathering concluded, participants left with a renewed sense of faith and inspiration, carrying the teachings and message of Sheikh Alhaji Abdulai Ahmed Maikano in their hearts. The event was deemed a resounding success in honoring the esteemed Sheikh and strengthening the bonds of Islamic brotherhood within the region.
The Zawuyatul Hababul Rasul organization, along with the attendees, expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to celebrate the birthday of Sheikh Alhaji Abdulai Ahmed Maikano and their commitment to upholding the teachings of Islam in Ghana.

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