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New Political Party Emerges in Diaspora … Find Out Its Name And What it wants to do for Ghanaians


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Abu M. Monor

In a bold move aimed at revitalizing Ghana’s political landscape, Kwasi Obeng Tano has announced the formation of a new alternative political party called the United Ghana Conservative Convention (U.G.C.C). The party, which originates from Ghanaians in diaspora, aims to replace the existing political parties in Ghana and rebuild the country with a fresh set of policies.
Tano, the founder and leader of UGCC, expressed the need for a new and substantive political party to emerge from the diaspora and take over power from the current political parties, namely the NPP and the NDC. These parties have each had four terms to govern the country since 1993, yet according to UGCC’s assessment, they have failed to make significant progress and have disappointed in the management of various areas in the country.
A comprehensive research into the country’s challenges has identified several detrimental practices that have entrenched themselves in the fabric of Ghana’s foundation. These practices include propaganda, bribery, corruption, mismanagement, injustice, unfairness, divisions, discrimination, excessive borrowing, dependency on grants, and reliance on theorists. These findings underscore the urgent need for corrective action to rectify the flawed foundation of the country.
Moreover, the research reveals the absence of vital fundamentals necessary for building a better society. These fundamentals encompass organization, law and order, morality and discipline, practical education, standard construction, effective communication, transportation infrastructure, a correct working pattern, health and safety, national security, immigration control, a focus on practical work and production, and the promotion of good family life.
Critically, the UGCC believes that the existing political parties have failed to address these problems during their time in power, and their inability to identify and provide lasting solutions is a cause for concern. With both the NPP and NDC having ruled for four terms each over the past thirty years, their track record fails to inspire confidence in their ability to tackle the country’s challenges effectively. This failure, according to Tano, underscores the need for a new political party with better policies and a genuine commitment to rebuilding the nation.
Tano also expressed disappointment in the existing parties, suggesting that their primary focus has been personal wealth accumulation at the expense of vulnerable Ghanaians. He urged Ghanaians to reject both the NPP and NDC in the upcoming December 2024 elections and give UGCC the opportunity to rebuild the country for the better.
As the United Ghana Conservative Convention (U.G.C.C) gains momentum, it remains to be seen how its policies and vision will resonate with the Ghanaian populace. The emergence of a new political party from the diaspora reflects the desire for change and a fresh approach to governance, promising a potentially transformative future for Ghana.

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