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Dr. Saiid Kwasi Adu Highlights the Importance of Exercise for Improved Health


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Dr. Saiid Kwasi Adu, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Last Homeopathic Clinic Ltd, has been delivering enlightening lectures on the significance of exercise in our daily lives. In a recent talk, Dr. Adu emphasized the critical role of exercise in boosting the immune system and its potential to counterbalance the sedentary lifestyle brought about by modern technology.
Not long ago, physical activities were an integral part of our daily routines. Dr. Adu pointed out that activities such as pounding fufu, fetching water from distant sources, working on the farm, and even walking to our destinations served as ample exercise for our ancestors. However, with the increasing reliance on machines for various tasks, our lifestyle has become more sedentary, making regular exercise essential.
Dr. Adu, known for his utilization of homeopathic drugs in treating chronic diseases, explained that exercise benefits not only the bones, joints, and muscles but also the internal organs of the body. He stated that engaging in vigorous physical activities contributes to flexible joints, better sleep, reduced fatigue, and increased overall energy levels.
One of the key organs that greatly benefit from exercise is the lungs. Dr. Adu highlighted how exercise improves lung capacity, enabling us to inhale and exhale larger amounts of air. This process aids in oxygenating the blood and purifying it. Moreover, exercise strengthens the heart, ensuring it can efficiently pump pure blood throughout the body. Similarly, other vital organs such as the kidneys, liver, stomach, and intestines also operate more effectively when supplied with adequate oxygen-rich blood.
Regular exercise enhances blood circulation, preventing blood clotting and promoting the burning of excess fat, which helps combat obesity and premature aging. Additionally, exercise promotes flexibility in the joints, reducing the risk of joint diseases. It also increases energy expenditure, stimulating a healthy appetite, proper hydration, efficient urination, and ultimately a restful night’s sleep.
Dr. Adu’s Clinic, located in Kasoa, offers a range of services, including homeopathic medication, physiotherapy, lab services, and more. Dr. Adu emphasized that exercise benefits not only the musculoskeletal system but also all internal organs. By keeping muscles and tendons stretched and joints flexible, exercise supports optimal bodily function.
After engaging in a fulfilling exercise session, one can experience deep and rejuvenating sleep, preparing the body for the next day’s activities. Dr. Adu further highlighted that exercise positively impacts various vital organs such as the lungs, heart, stomach, intestines, kidneys, and brain.
To help individuals incorporate exercise into their lives, Dr. Adu’s Clinic recommends different types of exercises suitable for various age groups. For adults aged forty and above, exercises such as walking, dancing, swimming, golfing, gardening, and mountain climbing are recommended. For younger individuals, activities like cross country, football, volleyball, table tennis, long tennis, basketball, hockey, marathon running, and cycling are encouraged.
Dr. Adu emphasized that exercises should be of sufficient duration to induce sweating and weariness. It is crucial to choose exercises that align with age and overall health condition to avoid potential risks. Regardless of specific needs, finding time to engage in exercise is vital for maintaining good health.
As technology continues to dominate our lives, Dr. Saiid Kwasi Adu’s lectures serve as a reminder that exercise remains an essential component of our daily routine. By embracing physical activities, we can enhance our immune system, promote overall well-being, and lead healthier lives.

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