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Abanga Yakubu Alhassan-National Vice Chairman, NDC writes


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The NPP’s despicable rigging plot, in collusion with the complicit Electoral Commission and the corrupt Ghana Police, is an egregious assault on the democratic fabric of Ghana. This blatant attempt to subvert the will of the people and manipulate the electoral process in 2024 is a slap in the face of every Ghanaian who cherishes democracy and yearns for a fair and transparent system.

The NPP’s insidious actions, driven by their insatiable thirst for power, to break the 8, despite their super incompetent performance and failures reveal their true colors as anti-democratic forces willing to trample upon the rights and voices of the citizens. Their contempt for the democratic principles that underpin Ghana’s progress is nothing short of repugnant and highlights their moral bankruptcy.

By cozying up to the very institutions tasked with upholding the integrity of elections, the NPP has demonstrated a complete abandonment of ethical conduct and a willingness to undermine the very foundations of a just society. Their collusion with the EC and the Ghana Police not only tarnishes the credibility of these institutions but also erodes public trust in the democratic process.

Ghanaians must not stand idly by as the NPP and their cronies attempt to dismantle the democratic pillars that their forefathers fought so hard to establish. The voices of the people must be heard, respected, and safeguarded from the clutches of these power-hungry individuals who have no regard for the true essence of democracy.

It is imperative that a thorough investigation be conducted to expose the extent of the NPP’s treachery and bring the culprits to justice. The alleged tape recording exposes all the grand scheme by some personnel in the Ghana police with wicked grand agenda of evil to be perpetuated in the 2024 elections. Only through holding them accountable can Ghana begin to rebuild the shattered faith in its democratic institutions and restore hope in the hearts of its citizens.

Ghanaians must rise up, united and unyielding, against any brazen assault on their democratic rights. They must send a resounding message that their will cannot be diverted, their votes cannot be stolen, and their dreams for a prosperous and just Ghana cannot be hijacked by those who seek to undermine the very essence of democracy.

The NDC shall resist any attempt to cause havoc and aid crime as the grand agenda of the NPP and the EC. We shall stand for the ordinary Ghanaian and ensure the true will of the citizens prevail.
“A word to the wise is in Assin North – Hon Dr Ato Forson”

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