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Confusion In Ghana Association of Writers


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The Ghana Association of Writers (GAW) which is a recognised association of highly respected writers, authors, poets, journalists, is embroiled in a serious crisis.

Information from some top leaders and members indicate that since the election of the new leaders of GAW on 30th July, 2022, with Dr Camynta Baezie as the President, the association has been grappling with many problems.

For example, the new leadership of GAW locked out the staff of GAW on 11th September, 2022, and accused the staff of many wrongdoings without creating an administrative forum to investigate the seemingly wild allegations they had levelled against the workers.

Sources from the workers and members of GAW confirmed that despite the intervention and counsel of the Advisory Board, the leadership of GAW had not done anything to address the problems of the workers.

The workers have not been paid since September 2022. Additionally, the ex-gratia of a worker who had gone on retirement had also not been paid.

Many members expressed the view that few members in the administration of Dr Camynta Baizie are running the show on behalf of GAW and attacking any member who raised issues relating to the problems of alienation, divisiveness and disrespect for members including the Advisory Board.

The leadership crisis of GAW has manifested in hostility among members and only people closely associated with the President, Dr Camynta Baezie, are visible in all activities of GAW.

For example, GAW and its members should have played prominent roles in the ongoing UNESCO Book Capital celebration in Ghana but a few people in the leadership of GAW are participating in the UNESCO Book Capital celebration in Ghana.

Some members of GAW complained about the apathy, tension, infighting, insults which had been borne out of the divide-and-rule strategy of the current administration of GAW.

“I have been in GAW for a long time but I have not experienced a divisive administration that is full of disrespect for members and the Advisory board than the administration of Dr Camynta Baezie”, a lady member said on strict condition of anonymity.

Some members expressed the view that the resignation of the Advisory Board of GAW is a sign that if members do not work hard to change the administration, GAW may face increased internal problems which can affect the survival of the prestigious writers association which has gained respect at the local and international levels.

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