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Naaa Koryoo Calls for Tree Planting to Promote Health Benefits


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Mrs. Phyllis Has Koryoo, the Parliamentary Candidate for Awutu Senya East Constituency (ASEC) on the ticket of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), emphasized the importance of planting and nurturing trees to enjoy the associated health benefits. Speaking as the chairperson of the 23rd Green Ghana Day event, which took place at the Assemblies of God Christ Way Park, Mrs. Koryoo urged the community to adopt the habit of tree planting for a healthier environment.
Under the theme “Our Forest, Our Health,” this year’s Green Ghana Day event aimed to raise awareness about the significant role that forests play in maintaining the well-being of the community. Mrs. Koryoo, affectionately known as the hope of ASEC, delivered an impassioned speech highlighting the essential connection between a healthy environment and personal well-being.
“Let’s adopt the habit of planting trees and nurturing them to grow so we can enjoy the health benefits,” Mrs. Koryoo proclaimed from the podium, capturing the attention of the attendees. She stressed the importance of preserving and expanding the forest cover to combat climate change, improve air quality, and create a conducive environment for overall health and well-being.
The Green Ghana Day event saw enthusiastic participation from community members, including students, local leaders, and environmental activists. Together, they engaged in various activities, including tree planting, educational sessions, and interactive discussions on environmental conservation.
As the event’s chairperson, Mrs. Koryoo took the opportunity to lead by example. In a symbolic gesture to underscore her commitment, she planted a tree to climax the event. This act served as a reminder of the long-term benefits that can be reaped from individual and collective efforts to safeguard the environment.
Mrs. Koryoo’s call to action resonated with the crowd, and many expressed their determination to actively engage in tree planting initiatives in the constituency. Recognizing the urgency of environmental protection, community members pledged their support to ensure a greener future for ASEC.
The Parliamentary Candidate’s emphasis on the health benefits of tree planting aligns with the growing global awareness of the link between nature and human well-being. By championing this cause, Mrs. Koryoo has positioned herself as a strong advocate for environmental sustainability and a healthier constituency.
As the election campaign unfolds, it is expected that Mrs. Koryoo’s commitment to environmental conservation and community health will resonate with voters. Her proactive approach to addressing local concerns highlights her dedication to improving the lives of the constituents in Awutu Senya East Constituency.

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