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Chairman Of Afro Arab Praised for Practicing Islamic Banking, Assists Rice Importer through Islamic Financing


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Muslims in Zongo Communities Applaud Chairman of Afro Arab Group of Company for Supporting Islamic Banking System in Ghana.
Alhaji Abdul Salamu Amadu, the renowned Ghanaian businessman and Chairman of the Afro Arab group of companies, is receiving widespread acclaim for his commitment to practicing Islamic banking. Muslims residing in various Zongo communities have praised his efforts, highlighting the positive impact of his financial practices on their lives. In a recent act of generosity, Amadu extended his support to a young rice importer who lacked funds to clear his shipment at the Tema Harbour, employing Islamic financing principles.
Islamic banking, which adheres to the principles of Shariah law, prohibits the charging or paying of interest (riba) and encourages risk-sharing, ethical investment, and social welfare. Alhaji Abdul Salamu Amadu has long been an advocate for this system, promoting its benefits within Ghana and beyond.
The latest instance of Amadu’s benevolence unfolded when a young entrepreneur imported a shipment of rice from Vietnam but faced financial challenges to cover the customs duties at the Tema Harbour. Recognizing the potential of the young man’s business and his determination, Amadu stepped in to offer assistance through Islamic financing. Instead of charging interest, he arranged a partnership where both parties would share the profits from the sale of the rice. This Islamic financing method allowed the young importer to clear his shipment and start his business venture without the burden of immediate financial obligations.
News of Amadu’s act spread rapidly, generating admiration and gratitude from the Zongo communities in Ghana. Speaking to local media outlets, members of the Muslim community praised Amadu for upholding the principles of Islamic banking, which they believe is a more ethical and inclusive financial system. They lauded his commitment to social welfare and his efforts to empower budding entrepreneurs through alternative financing methods.
“Alhaji Abdul Salamu Amadu is a true inspiration to us all,” said Aisha Bintu, a resident of Nima, one of Accra’s prominent Zongo communities. “His dedication to Islamic banking not only provides us with financial options aligned with our beliefs but also demonstrates his genuine concern for the prosperity of our community.”
The Afro Arab group of companies, under Amadu’s leadership, has played a pivotal role in various sectors, including finance, agriculture, real estate, and education. Amadu has consistently focused on supporting initiatives that uplift marginalized communities and foster economic growth.
With the assistance of Alhaji Abdul Salamu Amadu, the young rice importer has successfully launched his business, providing affordable rice to local markets. This achievement stands as a testament to the positive outcomes that can be achieved through Islamic financing practices.
As the demand for ethical financial solutions continues to grow, Alhaji Abdul Salamu Amadu’s dedication to Islamic banking serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to embrace this alternative system that aligns with their religious beliefs while promoting inclusive economic development.

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