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Rev. Dr. Ismaila Awudu Writes: Its unethical and extreme perversion to promote LGBTQ+ in the name of human freedom


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It is a shame for us as Ghanaians quickly losing our moral values no matter how we try to define modernism, civilization and human freedom, it does not replace natural order of doing things, human cravings, insatiable sexual desires and orgies, political expediency, strong feelings, societal norms, cultures, the galaxies, planetary systems, floral and fauna, flaws in human life, ways of doing things and conducts of human behavior and human laws are all subjected to natural laws, as the acceptable standard measurement of right way of doing things.

It’s sad and barbaric for a superior creature or being of God-man to subject itself to amoral behavior of excessive perversion in the name of human freedom when it’s contrary and invariance with natural laws.

Sad also to say that men of conscience will sit back and condone this amoral behavior in a country where we claim to have independent and sovereignty, religious and cultural values that frowns upon gay and transgender behaviors. It’s about time the argument of gay and transgender issues be looked at not only from religious faith but deviation from natural order.

The health, psychological and emotional torture and trauma these self-acclaimed amoral behavior is causing those involved in these practices calls for rather an action to help restore them to natural order but not to indulge in supporting this deviant and inhuman acts that is destroying their image and human dignity due to hormonal imbalance, a deviant movement of self-gratification, exploitation of innocent beings due to poverty, sudden fame and spirituality, coupled with societal, family breakdown of upholding strong values and Parental guidance.

To those who are voraciously defending and supporting these inhuman acts on the grounds of self-pity and human freedom for the victims unfortunately have missed the real point and are rather causing much pain to the victims they claim to defend and love.

Anything one does against natural order suffers the consequences, so why defend something you know rather hurts your supposed loved one, when you should rather help to correct the persons psychological, mental, emotional and wild feelings more than an animal, through therapy, psychological counseling, boosting of low self-esteem, spiritual restoration, medication and exploitation of their vulnerabilities through poverty and ignorance.

I respect the passage of laws to also help put in check such inhuman behaviors but do not subscribe to torture, imprisonment and mistreatment of these already confused, broken victims and slaves of worldly political economic and religious agenda. What I subscribe to is the collective fight for the passage of laws that rejects and prohibits such practices in our country through our laws, educational curricula that captures our moral values as a people, mass campaigns and education of the true origin of gay and transgender, it’s agenda by its perpetrators, ways by which it’s victims can be free, how they can disentangle themselves spiritually, how they can be financially empowered, provide counseling sessions, spiritual interventions, love, family, society and community support and medication to win them out of such practices.

I conclude by stating that gay and transgender behaviors are more spiritual, poverty driven, political, economic and religious well-planned agenda to turn the cause of nature against us and its victims are at the mercy of the world’s delusion and needs to be rescued but not to be supported.

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