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Gender Equality Is Critical For Development-Women’s Caucus


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A Group of Women Associations in Ghana , The Women’s Caucus has reiterate the critical role of women in the socio economic development of the world. According to them, Gender Equality Today is critical for a sustainable development Tomorrow and must be of great concern to global Leaders.
In a statement to commemorate this Year’s International Women’s Day celebration on 8th March, stressed the need for Gender Equality For a Sustainable Tomorrow and acknowledge The Journey so Far in Recognition of the Contribution of the Ghanaian Women towards Economic Development.

The Women’s Caucus including MOKASA
Women’s Trust Foundation, 31st December Women’s Movement, Market Women’s Association, Fish Handlers and Smoking Association recognize the important role women play in modern society.
“They continue to be trailblazers in areas such as politics, business, and social movements, creating positive change and progress.”
The satament said Women are often the primary caregivers in the family, providing emotional and physical support for their children and other family members. They are also vital contributors to the labour force farming, Education and Entrepreneurship, Politics and an important voice in culture, tradition religion, entertainment, through literature, music, art, and filmmaking.
Notwithstanding the important role of women across the globe, they continue to face many setbacks that mitigate their progress in society.
Every year, International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8th to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women and to raise awareness about issues affecting women around the world. The various themes chosen by the UN for IWD over the years have bothered on gender equality in terms of equal opportunities for women in respect of access to all facets of the economy including access to the basic necessities of life.

Women have been integral in influencing and creating social progress in a wide range of areas and have proven to be a powerful force for positive change in our world but what does the International Women’s Day Celebration mean to both rural and urban women of Ghana?
Are there National and local policies geared at ensuring gender equity and equality in Ghana, and are these policies being implemented?
What is Ghana’s contribution towards Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development?
The 2030 Agenda for sustainable development was launched by a UN Summit in September 2015 with the main aim of ending poverty in all its forms.
Poverty among Ghanaian women in Rural and certain Urban areas is high and what is Ghana’s contribution towards this Agenda which envisages “ a world of Universal respect for human rights and human dignity, rule of law, justice, equality and non-discrimination” an agenda which directly impacts on women’s development.
Have the necessary policies been put in place and implemented to augment the contribution of Ghanaian women in national development and what has been the journey so far?
Women’s Contribution to Society in Ghana
play a crucial role in the development of the country. They are recognized as important contributors to the labour force, representing 41 per cent of the workforce and providing essential services in all sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, and the civil service and many women have excelled in the judiciary, Industry, Arts and Music, but in all these the needed supports by the state is not offered.

Since 1985 very little attention has been given to the Affirmative Action Bill and Spousal Property Bill.
This statement on International Women’s Day is to emphasize that no development can succeed without the recognition of Women’s role as partners. It is important the Right policies are put in place to ensure Equity and Gender Equality. We dedicate our statement to the many women pensioners who stood their grounds for justice and sat in the sun patiently until after several days they were heard.
This bold, and courageous act is an example to all women never to feel intimidated, believe and fight on with motherly care. We shall be there with one accord we salute you and together as we remember all women today, we wish you strength and prosperity.
We cannot also forget our babies let’s all pray that their lives will be saved in the absence of Vaccines. Ghana is one of the Polio Free countries
Let us save our children. They are our future leaders.
This year’s International Women’s Day Celebration by the UN women and the United Nations is under the Theme :DigitALL, Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality
God Bless ALL Women.

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