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Your Future is Assured Under My Administration- – Mahama Tells Ghanaians


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The former President John Dramani Mahama has assured to give a better and brighter future to Ghanaian youth who does not see no silver lining at the edge of the clouds under President Akuffo Addi and the NPP Government.

The former President made this known during the official launch of his primary’s campaign to lead the NDC party to clench power from the NPP and restored hope to the good people of Ghana.

He stated, “The youth see no future in their country of birth. They see no silver lining at the edge of the clouds, which often appears dark and gloomy, with no ray of sunshine seeping through. Who is to blame them when after years of struggling to earn an education, they are condemned to unemployment and acute lack of opportunities? 7 If not remedied, through my agenda to Build The Ghana We Want Together from 2025, some graduates and post-graduate degree holders may hit the pension age and never employed in their entire lives, save for national service. It should worry us deeply that the average young Ghanaian would grasp any opportunity to flee the despondent climate under which they live in favour of even the most menial jobs in other countries”.

The poor according to President John Dramani Mahama who depend on the middle class for employment and sustenance, are now on their own and uncertain of their fate. “Our aged pensioners have not been spared either. In the past few weeks they have been compelled to stage public manifestations in defense of their livelihoods even in their elderly state”.

He revealed that, nobody would have thought that, Ghana would come to a juncture where a government would mete out such shabby treatment to senior citizens whose only crime is that they put their life savings in what is considered the safest financial instruments in the world – Government Bonds. “We are at this most depressing phase in our history where our economy has been destroyed because of the systematic mismanagement, misguided and clueless policy choices, and incompetence of President Akufo-Addo and Vice President Bawumia”.

He said, while Ghanaians struggle to keep their heads above water, government officials continue to exhibit high levels of greed, corruption, arrogance of power, dishonesty, blatant state capture and conflict of interest. “Unsurprisingly, no one in this NPP government wants to take responsibility for anything, including their flagbearer hopefuls, most of whom were part of their Economic Management Team. They continue to lay blame for their economic disaster on external factors whose relationship with our present sorry circumstances are at most tenuous”.

A leader Mr. Mahama indicated, should be one whose heart is filled with compassion for the people and who has the humility to connect with and understand the needs of the people he serves saying, Ghana requires a visionary leader who would build a prosperous and progressive Ghana for all Ghanaians and not a few. “We, in the NDC, will not run a government of slogans; instead, we will run a government of action. 10 A leader should be held accountable for his promises to the people. Your word should always be your bond. Ghana’s next leader should exercise sound judgement and be able to make the right calls and at the right time”.

According to former President Mahama, a President of Ghana must have the humility and presence of mind to take responsibility for what has gone wrong and be willing to act timeously to get the numerous problems resolved added that, he should be a leader whose heart is filled with compassion for the people and who has the humility to connect with and understand the needs of the people he serves.

“He should not be a leader who views the public purse as a family heirloom or even the mandate given him to govern as the manifestation of a birthright. A leader who has his sights on leaving a legacy for posterity. With all the humility I can muster, I believe I possess these qualities and that I am uniquely placed, having sat back the past few years to take stock of our country’s path. I am aware of the extent of work that awaits the next government”.

Former President John Dramani Mahama therefore, assured to make investments in productive sectors of the economy like agriculture, industry, technology, digitilisation and tourism to spur growth and generate jobs for the teeming youth who continue to lose hope by the day when assume office as President. “With the limited fiscal space, we are likely to inherit because of the mismanagement of the economy under NPP, a new NDC Government will give priority to continuing and completing abandoned and ongoing projects rather than rushing to commence new ones. I shall assemble and operate the leanest but most efficient government under our fourth republic. We will reduce, significantly, the size of government.



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