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Prof Yao and Dr Mrs Susu Kwawukume Write: What does Valentine mean to the pregnant woman?


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SAINT Valentine, a Roman who refused to worship pagan gods was killed for his faith on February 14, 269 AD. In some stories, he was a priest who secretly married young couples who loved each other but had no parental permission. In 496 AD, a saint day’ was established for him. He is associated with love because he fell in love with the daughter of his jailer and would pass notes to her.
St Valentine’s Day became the traditional day to be engaged. Young Romans spent that day gathered together in gardens to listen to romantic poetry and music. It was also a day young men chose their partners for singing and dancing.
In Ghana, Valentine is celebrated in various ways among both the young and old. While flowers, chocolates and dinner parties might play some tricks, the pregnant woman has expectations that go beyond these.
Many male partners come home tired or “looking tired” and do not engage the pregnant woman. She would like to discuss her expectations during the day with the husband but many times this expectation is unmet and the woman feels dejected.
At Valentine the pregnant woman echoes silently to the husband:
• Take me to dinner
• Take me to see my friends.
• Take me to the beach.
• Understand that I have emotional swings.
Sometimes it is difficult for the man to “celebrate” Valentine’s Day all the time but the pregnant woman remembers and since the pregnancy was an act of two people, it becomes logical for the woman to act as such!
Extra activities that show love to the pregnant woman should be a consistent practice not just on valentine’s day. Take her to church to worship, bring her cute baby stuffs and pick up her children from school, include her and her unborn baby in your prayers, paint her fingernails and toenails and rub her feet. Don’t tell her pregnancy horror stories and don’t tell her about the death of someone’s baby.
While doing all these, don’t argue with her, don’t talk about her weight, prepare her favorite meal, offer her a back rub and give her some quiet time. Respect her baby and her feelings, help her to remember the doctor’s orders, be understanding of her peculiar or strange needs. Open the door for her as you use to do and listen to what she says she is going through. Call to tell her you are thinking of her. Lastly, compliment her appearance and wish her a good pregnancy.
These are some of the few 100 International Acts of Kindness toward a Pregnant Woman which men should remember after Valentine’s Day when pregnancy results. It might be difficult for men but it looks accepted for peace in the house. Keep the spirit of Valentine throughout the year and wish people around you a good life.

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